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About Amanda

I’m New Hampshire born and raised, but boy do I have Gypsy feet! I have been to Russia and Costa Rica, and I lived in Spain for a year while I was in college. After I graduated in 2008 I joined City Year, an AmeriCorps program that enables US Citizens 17-24 years old to give a year and change the world. I’m so glad I did… because there was this really cute boy serving at City Year New Hampshire with me, and he just so happened to be the love of my life. He joined the Army that summer after we met, so we’ve been on this Wild Ride together since Day 1. Since being together I have moved to Arizona and back, while C has gone to Oklahoma, Texas, Kentucky, and an all expenses paid vacation to the Sandbox courtesy of Uncle Sam. We don’t sit still for very long! I’ll be in the Granite State until August ’11, when I will move to “Tuckessee” (aka Fort Campbell) to marry my best friend and get down to the business of building our life together while he serves with the honor and sense of duty that I love so much.

I blog for so many reasons… to share my triumphs and sorrows, post recipes I love (or created!), and just have a space for my thoughts. Welcome!

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